Every organization requires money in order to thrive.  We here at the CBDF are no different, we are fighting a fight that will make a difference for the entire East Coast and the Watershed of the Chesapeake Bay.  This battle has raged on long enough and will only cost more to fight as time goes one.  That is why the best time to help is now.

We are currently seeking funding for many different studies needed to support our fight, for water testing and education.  We need to raise awareness and wake people up.  So far the grass roots campaign has been going great but we can really speed this process up with advertising and branding.  There are many different advertising campaigns ready to go awaiting funding.  We need to supply the army of volunteers with the education and the tools needed to help raise awareness in their neighborhood, school or workplace.  When people become aware of the issue at hand their reaction it all the same, we as a people and as an organization know that the bad stewardship from one company is singlehandedly undermining the efforts of many.  There are over 17 million people in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, all of which are directly affected by the health of the bay.  

We are asking for corporate sponsors to step forward and provide us with the funding we need to win this fight for the Chesapeake Bay.  The business's that stand to gain from the eradication of the Menhaden Reduction industry from Virginia State waters are many.  We ask that these businesses step forward to help fund us in our fight for what has been dubbed "the most important fish in the sea."

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