Nomega campaign  

Our goal at the Chesapeake Bay Defenders is to raise awareness of the issues inside of the Chesapeake Bay.  We are currently involved in a heated battle over the use of the bay for one companies profits at the cost to many.  No one wants to harm the bay, once people are given the education needed changes will be made to practices that will make the bay sustainable for years to come.  

There is a lot going on in Fishery management right how and we hope it will lay toward the conservation side of things.  Things are looking up with the recent passage of the Unmanaged Forage fish Omnibus amendment.  This will prevent other species of forage fish from becoming fish oil and livestock feed.  We have a fight in front of us if we can all just work together that little fish we call Menhaden can come out on top.  Right now The ASMFC is about a year away from establishing ecological reference points for this species because it is so valued in the eco-system.  Even with that so close some are calling for a raise in the quota up to 40 percent.  We firmly believe any raise in the quota before ecological reference points are established is a mistake and that the 10 percent of quota they have gained in recent years should be taken back.  We also want to see the quota reallocated to give bait fishermen more than the minute percentage of the total catch they are allowed now.