Mission:  Our mission is to defend the Chesapeake Bay from unnecessary human action. The Bay is a shared resource that belongs to all people and must be treated and governed so that its uses for food production, transportation, and recreation, can be sustained into the future. Practices that negatively impact these uses, no longer provide a significant benefit to the people, and cause measurable damage to our common property are the focus of our efforts. We seek alternatives to these practices and establish a course to counter them and implement permanent protections. 

Since the inception of this organization in Early 2015 we have received a warm welcome.  We have been interviewed on 790 AM and have already been in the Daily Press.  Omega knows we are here and why.  The immediate goal for this organization is to make sure Omega is forced to fish outside of state waters, like every other state on the east coast.  

Our main goal at this point in time is to end the Menhaden Reduction industry in Virginia waters.  We want to do this before it effects our local watermen and make sure the Menhaden Reduction Industry bears the brunt of any reduction of quota inside Virginia Waters.  Not the local watermen who fish for bait.    

We are currently looking for volunteers, if you feel you can add to the organization feel free to contact us though the webpage.  Be sure to drop a line or two about any experience or skills you may have.